Raising Healthy Kids

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The following is a guest post by Dr. Barbro Brost of The Brost Clinic.

A healthy child is a happy child. As parents we are entrusted to protect and care for our children as they navigate through their childhood towards a happy, productive life as adults. They need shelter and warmth, food and water, advice and guidance, but most of all lots of love!

Raising a child in today’s world takes a lot of attention as a parent. There are many new dangers that the previous generations never had to worry about. Many come seductively packaged with bright colors and sparkling lights. Tobacco, street drugs, bad TV shows, computer sites unsuited for kids are pretty obvious things you want to avoid in your kid’s lives, but what about the less obvious hidden dangers lurking everywhere?

Fast food, food processed with unhealthy chemicals, genetically modified foods, foods sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, foods that make your kids sick instead of nurturing them. Foods and drinks that are marketed by giant corporations to be fun and “normal.”

It takes some strong parenting to stand up against that; it is much easier to “go with the flow” and give in to your child’s cravings for sugar and junk foods. We need to teach them about healthy food and healthy habits. A healthy breakfast with good protein, like eggs, before school in place of a sugary cereal. Extra vitamins for strong immune function. A healthy snack after school and a healthy dinner together as a family whenever possible (sports and other after school activities can be a challenge here).

Encourage play time outside instead of plopping down in front of a TV or computer. Set aside plenty of time for homework to avoid late nights and a set bed time to allow adequate sleep. Preschool and elementary-aged kids need 10-12 hours per night. If they don’t wake up by themselves, they didn’t get enough sleep! There is strong research showing that all the above sets the stage for better health and better performance in school and sports.

Unless in the case of a medical emergency, like a fractured leg or severe bacterial infections (remember antibiotics have no effect on viruses), children are best treated naturally. If they get a cold or flu, rest and fluids with a lot of immune boosting vitamins is the best cure. If they have falls or injuries take them to the chiropractor!

If you stop and think about it we all take our kids to the dentist regularly to avoid cavities. If their teeth aren’t perfectly lined up, we pay for years of orthodontics. Doesn’t it make sense to take as good care of their spine, which is crucial for optimum function of the body? You can replace teeth, but you can never replace your spine!

The Most Important Vehicle

This content was written by Dr. Barbro Brost of The Brost Clinic.

Most of us are dependent on a car to get around. When we purchase a car, new or used, we find out what the service requirements are and take it in for regular oil and filter changes etc. If anything goes wrong with the car or it starts to make a funny noise, we immediately take it in to a good mechanic to get it checked and fixed. We don’t wait until it stops running since we can’t function very well without it.

Did you ever stop and think about that what is so much more important than taking good care of your car, is taking good care of your most important vehicle, your body. If a car breaks down or gets too old for our liking we can easily buy a new one. No so with our bodies! We are stuck with the body we have been blessed with for the rest of our days. If it breaks down or wears out we no longer have a functioning “vehicle” and become dependent on other people and if it totally breaks down we are out of luck!

Wouldn’t it be nice if bodies, like cars, came with an instruction manual to tell us what fuel it runs best on and how often it needs to be tuned up to last as long as possible?

Unfortunately the healthcare system is not geared at prevention and maintenance but focused on patching things that have broken. It is up to each individual to learn how to best care for their body to get the most mileage out of it and to have it perform the most effectively and not break down.

We have all heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It is so true and makes life a lot more fun! Who has time to get sick and constantly have the body break down or gradually deteriorate at a much more rapid speed than it’s intended too! The financial implications of this are also huge.

A good diet, some extra vitamins and supplements, plenty of water, exercise and sleep, a positive outlook and happy friends make a big difference. Add regular adjustments to keep the nervous system working optimally, which regulates all other body systems, and your chance is greatly increased at traveling in a beautiful classic vehicle instead of an old beater that is rapidly heading for certain demise!