How To Set Goals You Can Reach?

All of us desire a better life. Everybody has dreams. Wishes are objectives, but objectives with pop, crackle, and snap. While goals offer a path to your desired destination, they frequently lack the motivation to get you there.

Wishes are unique. As opposed to being struck by a lightning bug, they have an impact. You are allowed to dream. They allow you to fly. They enable you to access an endless well of potential and energy, giving you the strength to achieve things you might never have dreamed of.

Think about fulfilling your wishes rather than setting goals if you want to bring about change in your life.

You must choose what you wish for before you can make your wishes come true. The good life is something that many people daydream about as they slog through one work week after another, but they rarely have a clear understanding of what that “good life” should look like.

What you truly want for yourself, not what you’re supposed to want or what someone else wants for you.

Every wish comes with a cost. If you are willing to pay the price, you can have whatever you want. Time, cash, or effort may be the cost or you may have to change some core beliefs. It might be in what you have to give up to achieve your goals.

You have the ability to make your wish come true if you are willing to pay the necessary price. You have a 100% chance of success if you are 100% willing to pay the price.

If you are willing to pay, your wish will be granted.

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