Water vs. Soft Drinks

Article written by Barbro Brost, DC, the Brost Clinic, Wayzata

Eating healthy is important, but what we drink is just as important and has as much of an impact on our health as our food choices. The supermarkets have literally hundreds of choices available for drinks, so what to choose? The answer
is simple. Our bodies are requiring water for survival and health. Period.

There are so many tempting drinks that appeal to our sweet tooth, but they do not quench thirst as well as water and contain sugar or artificial sweeteners, food coloring, artificial flavors, etc. There are no ingredients in soft drinks that have positive health effects.

The obesity epidemic in the USA has, in part, been linked to this nation’s over consumption of soft drinks. There is a tremendous amount of empty calories and sugar consumed. Most sodas are not sweetened by sugar in the USA. They are
sweetened by high fructose corn syrup, a chemical designed to inhibit your satiety center in your brain. This means that you can’t stop drinking, so you consume much more than you otherwise would. “Diet” drinks that are artificially sweetened by chemicals that taste sweet are actually an even worse problem, with bigger health risks than sugar sweetened drinks.

The severe weight problems that lead to chronic disease can, in part, be blamed on soft drink over consumption. We have seen patients lose up to 30 pounds in a month just changing their drinking habits to water instead of pop! We have also witnessed migraines and other health problems clear up when patients get off artificial sweeteners. Both the sugar, and especially the artificial sweeteners, become very addictive so it takes a firm decision and will power to break these habits.

Water comes in many forms: tap water, bottled water, carbonated water, and naturally fruit flavored water. Find a water that appeals to your taste and price, your body will love you for making the switch!

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