An Imaginative Woman Knows She Is Unique

Written by Theresa Nutt, Transformational Coach – Closeted Creatives Coaching

During difficult transitions such as divorce, it’s so easy for women to let their imagination create “worse case” scenarios. But imagination can take you to so many more life-affirming places.  An imaginative woman first and foremost knows she is unique.  She is done trying to fit in or be more like everyone else.  She is ready to take the journey of shedding all the layers she has put on to be small, make others safe, and fit into anyone else’s definition of who she should be in the world.

Theresa NuttLet’s start with me.  I have enjoyed fantasy and the fantastical since I was a small child. And I love the unicorn that shows up in my fairy drawings.  His name is Max.  So while I was in France for my coaching intensive and photo shoot, I went for it.  I created pictures with a gorgeous white horse that I knew would later be transformed into my unicorn, Max. I could ask myself how at 43 I still believe in and am turned on by the magical and mystical.  I could tell myself to grow up and get a grip.  But instead, I went all in and totally brought my vision of the Magical Max to life.  And I could not be happier!  I can’t tell you how it feels to see these pictures comes to life and know I helped create them in real time.

Celebrate What Makes You Unique

It’s that easy to stop apologizing and start shining what makes you unique in the world. Anything worth doing involves risk – how many times have we heard this.  And being unique will involve taking the risk to shine what makes you different into the world with pride.  I guarantee you I am not childish.  I know how to pay my bills, take care of the people and things I love, and chase my dreams at the same time.  The same is true for you.
It’s time to stop:

  • Being small
  • Fitting in
  • Worrying about everyone else’s perspectives and advice
  • Apologizing for who you are
  • Hiding
  • Letting your light completely go out

Claim Your Uniqueness Imaginative Woman!

Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you discern what makes you uniquely you.

  • What makes my heart sing?
  • What do I spend time doing without realizing how much time has passed?
  • What am I dying to create in the world that just keeps nudging me on the shoulder?
  • If I wasn’t worried about what anyone else thought, how would I show up in the world?
  • What are the no brainer ways I love to spend time, money, and energy?

The thing about what makes you unique is that you might know it too well because it is automatic.  Take some time to write it down and get clear about it.  Then celebrate that stuff!  Shine it out in the world!  Stop living a snooze fest because you are meant for so much more!!

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