Dealing with Shame? Rediscover Compassion

Some of us feel shame worrying about what others may think of our situation, and that our divorce means we are a failure in some way.

Some of us feel shame for not leaving our partner sooner, or for being blindsided when our partner left us..and that we had allowed ourselves to be treated disrespectfully for so long.

shameSome of us feel shame that we are not recovering as quickly as we think we “should,” or not able to forgive as quickly as we think we “should” or not able to do any of the other things we have been led to believe we “should.”

When you no longer judge yourself according to what others think, (or what you think they think!), shame will begin to dissolve.

Replace judgment with compassion. You have done, and are doing, the best you can.

Listen to your inner voice, your intuition, and trust yourself and the journey you are now on.

You do want feedback and guidance from good friends and trusted professionals, but this information will come in the form of support and not in the form of judgment.

When does Shame appear, let it simply be a reminder, to no longer be judgmental of yourself or others, to be compassionate, knowing you are doing the best you can, and to listen to your inner voice and trust yourself.

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