We’re Not in Kansas Anymore!

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In the classic movie, the Wizard of Oz, a tornado tears Dorothy’s home from it’s foundation, spins it around and drops it somewhere unexpected and unknown.

Sound Familiar!? How many us have felt that way during our divorce?

Our lives have been torn from their foundation, and we have found ourselves in a very different world. We cry, “How did I get here? This wasn’t what my life was supposed to be.”

Our storm may have appeared suddenly and taken us totally by surprise, or we may have seen the clouds and the darkness building on the horizon for quite a while before things got blown apart.

When Dorothy’s home finally lands with a thud, the first thing she does is to find the courage to open her door and step into this new world, and we find the courage to do the same. If the door is not opened, there is no story for either Dorothy or for us.

Dorothy’s little dog is named Toto, which in Latin means everything. Dorothy already has everything she needs with her for this journey…and so do you.

Along the road she travels she finds wisdom (the scarecrow), compassion ( the tin woodsman) and courage (the lion)…and so do you.

Dorothy has a great pair of shoes – those ruby slippers – that give her more power than she realizes. You, too, have more power than you realize whether you wear flip-fops, 3 inch heels or running shoes.

She has to contend with a wicked witch who tries often, though unsuccessfully, to take those great shoes from her, but the sparkle that makes us unique and gives us our special powers cannot be taken from any of us.

When we hold on to the unique parts of ourselves, we always have the ability to find our way home, not necessarily to the same physical space, but home to our heart, our spirit, and ourselves.

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