The Quilt of Gratefulness

quilt of gratefulness

We want to share how grateful we are for all the women who surround Rediscovering U. Your strength, courage, inspiration, understanding, and support are like patches of fabric that when stitched together create a colorful quilt of warmth and comfort to wrap around us when our journey becomes unkind.

Imagine the intricate patterns that represent all the wonderful things that are within you, waiting to surface as you grow and move forward. Then little by little, step by step, the quilt will be needed less and spend more time laid across the chair, signifying that your life is changing for the better. And as time passes and you pick up the quilt again, you may see that the patterns look different. The fabric now feels more like joy, happiness, laughter and most of all love.

Know that on those days when warmth and comfort are needed, just like the quilt, the community of women at Rediscovering U will always be there for you.

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