Speak Up and Speak Out with Intention!

The dictionary defines verbalization as “expressing oneself in words.”Have you ever felt stuck when you wanted to speak up because you felt bashful, intimidated, nervous or afraid about a possible reaction from another person? During a divorce process, this dynamic and interaction this process can become confusing and overwhelming.

When you speak up, energy starts moving and aids in the process of getting unstuck. Pausing, before speaking, while focusing on your intention, can make a significant difference and put you in the driver’s seat of your life. Until now, you may have trained others to believe that you were there only to please them and that you didn’t have basic needs and wants.

Consider the following before you speak: Are you sharing your thoughts and feelings to be heard, to be understood by another, or to express your wants and needs? Are you intending to do harm to another or are you simply wanting to honor how you are feeling and what you are thinking? There is a big difference in energy and impact when you speak with clear intention. Go inside, pause, and you will know. Others may not appreciate your newly found courage and integrity.

Mutual respect is a foundational piece for trust in caring relationships. There can be different levels of sharing depending upon the level of intimacy and history in the relationship. This takes time.

Who do you surround yourself with to be a support team? Are they supportive of you even though they may not understand parts of your journey and the choices you have made? Have you made a made a commitment to each other to be authentic and always hold the best interest of each other in your consciousness and in your hearts? To share one’s truth with another human being without judging or feeling judged is a beautiful gift you can give to one another.

Asking for what you need or want in the form of a request can facilitate clarity in your communication. It helps with boundaries. As an example, “My request is that you simply listen to me” or “My request is that you listen to me and give me some feedback when I have finished speaking.” It also helps the other person to know what is expected and hoped for from them.

Decide that you are “worth it”, whatever your “it” may be. What you think and how you feel is important. It is a choice and decision that only you can make.you have great wisdom within. If you don’t honor your own soul, who will? You do know and your time is now.

The time is now to step into the light of who you are.You have much to contribute to others.Be proud of who you are and what you know. Speak your truth. Trust you will know what to do next. You are wise. You count. You make a difference.

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