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Some divorced women are financially secure and comfortable while many others are struggling and scared. Some women have strong money management skills, and others have let their spouse handle the finances and have found themselves with no money left to manage. And emotions range from irritation to terror.

Wherever you find yourself, these 4 points can help.

moneybasics1. Surround yourself with great professional help. Find a financial planner, a banker, and insurance agent, and others you may need, who you trust and are comfortable working with. And, if at any time, you feel any of these professionals in not a good fit for you, find someone else. Many of us stay in a bad relationship too long…whether it be personal or professional.

2. Start where you are. If you can only save $5 a month, that is where you start. If you want to contribute to a cause that is dear to your heart and you can only contribute $3, that is what you do. As you rebuild your life and your financial security, you will be able to do more.

3. Attitude is so important. (don’t you get tired of people saying this!) Believe you will be able to rebuild your life. Value yourself and your future. Be grateful for what you do have. And remember, it’s not “cold, hard cash”…it’s soft and warm!

4. Be willing to move forward. I went through a phase where I thought if I stay broke and miserable, then I can say, ”See what he did to me, that no good, so and so.” It took a while to realize if I continued to do that, I was allowing him to continue to control my life…geez..not a good idea! Instead, I took the advice of a friend . When I shared feeling so financially damaged, she responded, “Consider that the ransom you paid for saving your life.”

5. You, too, are saving your life. A life that is filled with possibilities, and financial growth.

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