Ouch, My Back!

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On Saturday I hurt my back with a simple twist as I was standing up. On Sunday, even though my back ached and was very tender, I went for a short, careful walk. It was a beautiful day and as I shuffled around the neighborhood, passing yards planted with fresh spring flowers. I wondered why I was surprised to be in pain.

I knew my posture at the computer was not good. I knew reading in bed caused me to slouch even more than being at the computer. I knew the chair I liked to sit in at the end of the day so the cat could curl up on my lap was a terrible fit for my body.

So, if I knew all these things, why hadn’t I something about them?

I have a feeling I’m not the only one who waits, thinking things really aren’t that bad, that I can handle being uncomfortable, that it’s not a big deal and anyway, I’ve gotten used to it. Of course, I can handle being uncomfortable, but why wouldn’t I change the situation if I could? Why should I get used to it if I don’t have to? Do I think it’s going help me build character?

One sign of character is the willingness to respect and care for myself as well as others. This willingness to respect and care for myself is also a reflection of self-worth, and I was disheartened that after all these years I’m still struggling with this issue.

Walking past another lovely garden, I understood that my self-worth is not yet a perennial and needs to be planted anew every season.

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