Never Lose Yourself

Written by Tatiana Wilensky, Independent Mary Kay Consultant

I found an old crystal vase in the basement covered in dust. The vase looked sad and hopeless. I thought to myself, “I can’t remember how long I’ve had this. I don’t need it anymore. I’d better donate it to Goodwill.” But first I decided to wash this hopeless looking vase, and in a few minutes it miraculously turned into royalty, poised and beaming with light, crystal perfection.

Disappointments, sadness, grief can all be read on woman’s face and can become just like that dust on the vase. And the vase is just like a woman, our light disappearing as we take care of others first and forget about ourselves, our inner worth. We forget our value and feel like we are no longer important or needed. But who will value us if WE do not value ourselves?

What do you see first thing in the morning when you are up to get ready for the day? Right, your face! And in these first seconds you decide if you are going to have a fantastic day or your day will be a “usual”, “nothing special” day.

What do other people see first when they look at you? Right, your face! That first impression about you, your energy, your character is made during these first seconds.

Did you know there are many acupuncture points located on your face affecting your energy and ability to relax? This is actually one of reasons why facial massage brings us such pleasure. So simply try to start taking care of your skin, applying some skin care products to your face morning and evening. It will not only improve your skin, but it will also elevate your mood, sense of self-worth and relax you. At the same time say something nice to yourself: that you are beautiful, that you deserve great things in life, that wonderful adventures are coming to you.

And though you may not feel you have the energy, consider putting on a little makeup and even treating yourself to a makeup consultation. Find out what is your best foundation match, what makeup designs would complement your eye color and shape. Start applying what you learned, and you will feel more confident and people will simply be drawn to your new energy.

Most importantly, you will beam with a light, the light that is not just a reflection of others, but is your own. Somebody said, “we cannot give what we do not have.” When you fill yourself with happy thoughts, and give yourself loving care, you will be able to be the wonderful and bright YOU once again, sharing your light with others.

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