Feeling Bullied by Self-Help Books?

I desperately wanted help “letting go” of my tremendous emotional pain but felt many self-help books were bullying me to move forward more quickly than I was able. I didn’t want to wallow in self-pity. Like most women dealing with divorce, this was simply a process I couldn’t rush.

selfhelpI needed time to understand that being sad, depressed or frightened didn’t make me flawed. It made me honest, and being honest was my most valuable asset.

I needed time to understand that it was disrespectful to accept only the cheerful parts of myself and delegate the remaining painful emotions to the basement, pretending all is well, in order to conform to an arbitrary timeline someone else created. (I had tried this and it definitely doesn’t work!)

I needed time to understand that it was vital to accept how I felt, for it was the only way I could truly heal.

The more information we each have, the richer our lives will become. Good books, good coaches and therapists, and good friends all help. By combining the wisdom offered from these trusted outside sources with our own inner wisdom, we will be able to “let go” of the heavy load we have been carrying, setting down one piece at a time.

And we will find ourselves on a new journey with arms free to embrace new gifts and blessings.

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