Emerging From Divorce With Your Sanity

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Going through a divorce can mentally, physically and emotionally drain people but there are ways for them to maintain their health.

In the past few years, the number of divorces in Minnesota and throughout the rest of the country has increased. Bloomberg Business reports that with the increasing health of the economy, more couples are looking at the state of their marriage and choosing to part ways. In 2012, 2.4 million people in the U.S. divorced their spouse and that trend is expected to continue.

Physical, mental and emotional effects

Divorce can be traumatic for many people, especially if the split is not an amicable or mutual one. People may be feeling rejected by their partner, stressed over financial changes and unsure of what they should do next. This can lead to physical problems, depression, anxiety, and mental and physical exhaustion.

The Huffington Post states that even men can be greatly affected by divorce. A recent medical paper reveals that after a divorce, men’s physical health can take a downturn. The risk for heart attacks, cancer, diseases and even colds can significantly increase. On the mental health side of things, more divorced men experience depression and the suicide rate is 39 percent higher, showing they are just as vulnerable as women are.

Stay physically active

It is important for people to stay physically active. Instead of tucking up in a bed and disappearing, they should take regular walks, run, work out or go play a favorite game of tennis or baseball. US News points out that exercise can help people feel better about themselves because the level of endorphins rise. Endorphins are chemicals that send happy messages to the brain.

It can also be good for people to find a friend who will encourage them to keep active. They can sign up for swimming, take a dance class, begin learning yoga or even cycle. The idea is for people to choose an activity that will be fun for them to do.

Talk to a close friend

Talking about the end of the marriage can be therapeutic for many but they should carefully choose who they talk to. A family member or a close friend who understands that the person just needs to talk about his or her feelings would be the best choice. People should also select someone who will not judge or try to ‘fix’ things.

If people have children, they should make sure that any discussions are held when the children are not present.

Eat right

Stress can do strange things to the body and some people experience a significant weight change when they are going through a divorce. While some people lose their appetite completely, others may find they crave comfort foods. However, this can create additional problems for them as it can lower the immune system. To combat stress, they should force themselves to stick with a well-balanced diet that features fruit and vegetables.

To prevent additional stress during the separation period and divorce, people may want to consider sitting down and talking with an experienced attorney.

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