Divorce Support at the State Fair: Healing-on-a-Stick?!

Written by Barb Greenberg, Founder – Rediscovering U

The 2016 Minnesota State Fair has ended, and if we are craving any more treats-on- a-stick, we’ll have to wait for another year and be content imagining that extraordinary culinary creation in our hands, taking that first bite, sighing contently, and knowing nothing can be all that bad when you’re eating anything on-a-stick.

I found a mouthwatering list of of seventy-five foods you can get on-a-stick including frozen coffee, chocolate covered cheesecake, deep friend candy bars, spaghetti and meatballs, and even a Texas Steak Dinner. I had no idea!

A few tips for successfully eating (or trying to eat!) anything on-a-stick.

Concentrate on what you have in your hand, so it doesn’t fall off the stick and slide down the front of your shirt, or drip in a sticky mess through your fingers.

Sit for a while on nearby bench and focus on the treat in front of you.

When you feel you have nibbled this treat down to a manageable amount, you may decide to get off the bench and rejoin the colorful, vibrant flow of life. That is a wonderful decision, but you still need pay attention to what is in your hand, and in doing so, you may find yourself somewhere unexpected, wondering how in the world you ended up behind the horse barn or in the middle of Machinery Hill.

What would it be like, I wondered, if you could walk up to vendor and order Healing-on-a-stick?

It would seem like such a big serving, more than you could manage, but it has colored sprinkles of peace and joy that make you smile.

So you decide to sit and concentration on your Healing, taking one bite at a time. Sometimes it is messy and sticky and you lose parts of it down the front of your shirt. But you keep nibbling and eventually you are ready to re-enter the flow of life. Because you are not finished with your Healing, you may find yourself in unexpected places. Some may be upsetting. Some may be thrilling. Most will be comforting.

When you have finished your serving of Healing-on-a-stick you realize you have gained peace, not pounds, and the Healing was so sweet, you decide to ask for another serving!

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