Coffee, Divorce, and Trivia

I was meeting someone at a Caribou and looked at their trivia question for the day. “In what country did the French horn originate?

My first thought was, “If I answer this right, I’ll get ten cents off my drink!”

My next thought was, “How many trivial things do I focus on while losing touch with what is truly important.  The answer is a lot…especially during my divorce.

“I didn’t file those papers in the right place. I said something really stupid to my attorney or my ex, or worst of all, to my children. I didn’t fold the laundry. My mortgage company can’t find my property insurance information. I went to the grocery store and forgot to buy onions, and how can I possibly make my casserole without onions and oh no, I can’t find my car keys. (they were in the grocery bag!).

I allowed myself to be so smothered in trivia that I no longer noticed what was truly important. And though trivia can be very enticing, it was time change my focus to the adventure of finding what was truly of value in my life.

Where do we look for value and for meaning? It’s not on our cell phones.  It’s not on our computers.  And it’s not on our TV, no matter how big the screen is.

Maybe it’s the whisper in our ear, the tap on our shoulder, the shiny sparkle that catches our eye….those things we forget to notice or dismiss as unimportant.  I have a sense this is where true meaning waits patiently for us. These things remind us to pause. They remind us to focus on what we hold dear, to evaluate what is precious to us, what adds purpose to our lives, and to feel a deep gratitude for the gifts of good health, dear friends, and moments of unconditional love.

As for the question, “In what country did the French horn originate?”  I have no idea!




Barb Greenberg – Founder, Speaker and an award-winning author.  Rediscovering U was founded by Barb, a divorce transition expert who excels in educating, empowering and inspiring women to move through divorce and into a new life.


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