Being Authentic

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The following is a guest post by Michele Rae of The Center Within.

Sometimes I find myself guarded, timid and reluctant to express myself from my inner truth.

What part of me is afraid of being judged? Misunderstood? Rejected? Or even ridiculed? Buried inside I have mistakenly internalized messages from someone or somewhere that I am not good enough or lovable if I radiate from my authentic self. Today I am feeling the invitation to trust the certainty of my inner knowing and live more fully in alignment with my essence.

For me, my authentic self is an internal voice or awareness and informs my sense of self. It is continually evolving as revelations, curiosity, confusion, pain, awe and wonder push me beyond my comfort zone. Life breaks me open to new perspectives about what I know to be true. As I surrender and accept more fully what is, those beliefs that I am not enough are released.

Living an authentic life requires risk, courage and vulnerability. In return, I have more peace, discernment, tolerance and joy.

Expressing myself from this place of truth cultivates everyday miracles and surprises. Anything and everything is possible in the present moment, and I have enough free attention to fully embrace the intuition, synchronicity and insights that arise in my life. As I lay down my neediness for approval and acceptance and trust those in my life will encourage and celebrate my authentic self, my relationships are more real and mutually supportive. My work has more depth, creativity and effectiveness.

It is not always easy, but it is simple. So, the next time someone tells me I am shining too brightly and it makes me bad and wrong, I will send them a blessing and not dismiss myself. Today I more fully embrace my Center Within, my ever-present essential nature, which is fully aligned with the divine. From my authentic self, I can live as presence, navigating life’s conditions and situations from the inside out.

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