A Fortune in My Shoes

My 7 year old granddaughter walked up to her mom and proudly stated, “I have a fortune in my shoes.”

Her mom smiled and asked, “Why do you have a fortune in your shoes?”

Her daughter replied, “Because I don’t have any pockets!”

Do you feel that you have no pockets, that your divorce has left you in a financial mess and even if you had pockets, you would have nothing to put in them other than a crumpled up piece of tissue?

If for whatever reason you don’t have a fortune or have lost your fortune, you can step into your shoes, step out into the world and find a new one.

You can choose the direction you want to go. You can choose what kind of fortune you are seeking. You can even choose what kind of shoes to wear.  Whether they are running shoes, hiking boots, fuzzy slippers or 4 inch heels, they can take you to new places, new adventures, and possibly to new a career, a new home and new friendships.

Though at first you may feel frustrated that this was one more thing you have to rediscover, you will begin to feel grateful that you can find the fortune that speaks to your heart and create a life that  feels authentic. You may be seeking the ability to travel, to purchase a townhouse or to create a career that makes you a millionaire. You will certainly be seeking purpose and peace and contentment, for you understand that they are priceless treasures.

Where do you want to seek your fortune, how will you know when you find it, and what will you do with it when you claim it?

You may not be sure how to answer these questions. You may not be sure where to begin or what you really want. You may not even be able to imagine having a fortune. It doesn’t matter. 

Take one step at a time and the road will become clear. 

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