The 7 Life-Changing Solutions (Truths) I Learned the Hard Way – Part 2

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The following is an excerpt from “Date Yourself Well: 12 Engagements of Becoming The Great Lover of Your Life” by Dr. Shannon Gulbranson. Check out part one of this article as well!

Truth #2: When you are willing to take care of you, you will be taken care of.

In addition to these two truths, I also discovered that it wasn’t going to be from me learning how to be a better person, better wife, better woman or better anything that would heal me. Oh my goodness, the time and money I have spent on one self-help seminar after another trying to fix myself or make me better. I cannot tell you how many tens of thousands of dollars I’ve spent on these “programs” over the years! It seemed as though every time I felt most desperate, there was always another “Miracle step-by-step program” promising to fix my partner, fix me, fix my relationship, make me better, make me happier, make me more money or MORE of anything and everything I thought I needed for happiness.

I even approached God this way. My prayers were a laundry list of needs that I felt must be met for me to get what I wanted or felt I needed. I will never forget the day I realized that I didn’t need to get what I wanted to be happy, but instead, my joy would come from knowing what I truly desired.

Who knew it could come from within?

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