The 4 syndromes every woman faces and what to do about it (Part I)

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This is part one of a two-part series by our sponsor Dr. Shannon Gulbranson. Read part two here.

It’s easy to become disillusioned, disengaged, disconnected, and dis-eased. But you don’t have to. It’s time to diagnose the problem and be willing to become your solution.

Perhaps it’s not he, nor you, that’s the problem. Perhaps it’s not you that’s broken and needs fixing. Perhaps it’s not what’s wrong with you, but what’s right with you that matters most. Perhaps it’s not the problem, but the cause that requires your attention. Perhaps it’s time to uncover and discover your solution

Problem #1

The Cinderella Syndrome: The belief that your Prince Charming is going to magically come into your life and rescue you from your problems (symptoms). The belief that there’s a Happily Ever After and he’s responsible for it.

What if happily ever after doesn’t come? What if Prince Charming turns out to be Prince Not So Charming or Prince Harming? What if you aren’t the Fairy Princess that fits perfectly into the glass slipper of life? (But I get it, if you’ve been swept off your feet…it won’t matter that your stilettos are made of glass, right?)

I know exactly how this feels. I was this woman for many years.

Solution #1

Be willing to give up the illusion that there’s a way that “should” be or that’s “meant to” be. Instead, be brave and bold enough to acknowledge what is, and create the Happy Ever After that you seek and desire.

It begins with loving the princess in your story enough to stop looking for someone else to save her.

You. Save her. Save her with your love.

Problem #2:

The Disengagement Syndrome: This is when it hurts too much to look at yourself because things haven’t turned out the way you thought they were “supposed to”. Your beliefs are rocked and it leaves you wanting.

What if your desires have been based on what you think you want? But what you think you want (or wanted) isn’t the whole truth. What if there’s another way?

If your beliefs and desires aren’t congruent, you’ll eventually find yourself in the destination of your beliefs (conscious or not). Often this leads to more want and need. The result is a state of mind and motivation that’s never enough, nor satisfied. Then what?

Solution #2

You can either change your beliefs or desires. The choice is yours. The power is yours. But it takes engaging with you, your heart and soul again. In order to do so, you must be willing to feel…and allow yourself to heal from the inside out. Reuniting your head + heart with truth is the first step.

You’re the answer to the vital questions you’re brave enough to ask yourself. Within you are the answers that will dispel the cultural myths that convince you to believe that you don’t have enough time, what you need, or that you’re not enough.

For great questions that will help you discover your Engagement Rating (eRATING), I’d love to give you my 9-Point Engagement Checklist.

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