What is your story?

Written by Michele Rae, centerwithin.com – 2016 Fall Retreat Keynote Speaker

When you think about yourself, who do you know yourself to be?

There are specific characteristics you may identify with such as being a man or woman, American or Mexican, daughter or father. You may classify yourself by what you do such as a painter, entrepreneur, volunteer or inventor. I am a woman, teacher and writer, mother and mystic.

There are characteristics that are broader and reflect your tendencies and preferences such as being an introvert or extrovert or your political views. I value connection, new ideas, authenticity, being in nature, quiet, dark chocolate and red wine. (OK, maybe the wine and chocolate are more specific)

Where did these identifications come from?  We are taught our story by external references from the time we are born. Our parents, educators, church, and society hold certain values to have higher meaning than others. They teach us to differentiate what is acceptable and to conform to their standards and customs. We often confuse our authentic story with the one we believe we “should” have or who we are “supposed” to be.

Who would you be if you examined each of these identifications and released the ones that do not fit anymore or feel constricting?  Which ones feel the most real, ring true and make your heart sing? Are there parts of you that have been hidden and are longing to come out and play?

Lucky for us, in addition to being a character in our story we are also an author! If you could write in events, feelings, experiences and characters to enhance your story, what would they be? I recommend one theme that runs through the entire story is “I AM worthy and lovable.” Require every small choice, every moment of every day, to reflect that theme. If you come across a person or circumstance in your life that denies that you are loveable and worthy, consider removing them from your story, or at least relegating them to a minor character!

In fact, at the heart of all stories, all that has a beginning, middle and end, is an essence of pure light and love. The inner essence, some traditions call it the Holy Spirt aspect of God, others the Divine Spark and others a Reflection of Source, is identical in every living being. Take a few minutes every day, or set a couple hours apart once in a while, to really feel into this Center Within aspect of yourself. When you know it, and write your story from your true nature, magic happens! and you

create a life you love!

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