What is Eclipsing Your Life?

woman with sun on her face

On August 21, 2017, the Earth, the moon and the sun will all line up in this swirling universe of ours in such a way that the moon will block the light of the sun from reaching Earth.

Many of us may barely notice this powerful event because we are distracted with the stuff of life; deadlines at work, grocery shopping, dentist appointments, caring for our children, aging parents or both…the list goes on and can be overwhelming.

Yet, whether we pay attention or not, this extraordinary event is happening. And whether we pay attention or not, we all experience personal eclipses in our own lives.

Some eclipses are dramatic: a divorce, an illness, a death. Others are so subtle we barely notice them. They simply accumulate, one on top of the other, until we wake one morning feeling lost, as if in a heavy, gray fog.

When our light disappears, it’s time to work on ourselves once again. Yep, more personal growth! It’s time to find what needs to be released, what is ready to heal, and what new awareness we can discover. Buddhists believe that the effects of both positive and negative actions during the time of an eclipse are multiplied by 10,000.

When you move from darkness back into the light of your essence, the healing, growth and blessings that come from your efforts will resonate with you and move through you into the universe.

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