Untangling Truth from Fear

two bunny rabbits on a log in the garden

On a walk around the neighborhood this summer, I came upon two rabbits playing with each other near a large evergreen. At first, they didn’t notice me. Then one stood very still, flicked his ears and took off with his playmate quickly following. Both disappearing into the shadows of the welcoming tree.

In some cultures, rabbits are a reminder to be discerning about what to fear and what not to fear. Continuing on my walk, I acknowledged that I had a very, very long list of fears. If being afraid was an Olympic sport, I would be a champion. And now I didn’t just see one rabbit, I saw two!  

That night I read a quote by David R. Hawkins, “Our fears have been based on falsehood. Displacement of the false by the true is the essence of healing all things visible and invisible.” 

I have been so certain my fears are the truth. I’ve been certain I’m not competent. I’ve been certain I’m a fraud. I’ve been certain I’m not worthy of what the world wants to offer me.

My fear has become entwined with my truth, like two necklaces on a dresser that have become tangled together. The lovely patterns and sparkling gems of my truth have become harder to see – almost invisible.

I know from experience that in order to separate the necklaces, I have to sit calmly and look carefully at where the two separate chains have become twisted together before I can disconnect one from the other. Sometimes I figure it out quickly and other times, not so much. 

When this is done they can each have their own place on my dresser, and I can choose which one I will wear.

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