Divorce and Time Travel

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I’ve read books and listened to talks about the power of staying in the present. It’s wonderful advice, which I’m not very good at following! How did I ever make it thought my divorce getting so far ahead myself and worrying about things that might or might not happen?

Of course, during divorce we have a responsibility to look at the future so we can make the wisest decisions possible and then, of course, we can’t help but look back at the past. Yikes! Talk about time travel!

So how can we gently keep ourselves as present as possible?

Reach out for help. Let your friends, therapists, attorney, financial planners help you.

Even Olympic athletes have coaches and, in dealing with divorce, sometimes simply getting through a day takes effort of an Olympic scale.

Breathe. Take one breath and it will take you back to yourself for a brief moment. Take another breath and realize, “I’m here.” And one more breath. “I’m still here.” This is the most valuable thing you need to know. You have not been destroyed, you are not as lost as you think, you are not as damaged as you feel. You are still here. And in knowing this, all is possible.


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