The “YOU SHINE” Candy Heart

You Shine. Yes, you do!

You may want to shout, ”Are you kidding! I’ve been in a fog for years. During my divorce, and before that, even in my marriage, I’ve been surrounded by heavy gray clouds, and you expect me to shine when I‘ve forgotten what light is.”

You may shyly confess, “I’m fine with shining, but just not too much. I don’t want people judging me for being too shiny.

I’ve been in both these places and both can cause you to lose yourself and forget to notice that the rest of your life is waiting for you. When I was shrouded in fog, I asked for help and trusted, both very difficult things for me to do.  When I was afraid to shine, I asked myself why it felt dangerous to be noticed. Was it because it never felt safe? 

It was now time to follow my heart and shift my focus to my own path.

 I stopped worrying about being judged. No one was paying that much attention to me anyway.

I stopped competing. I no longer had anything to prove. I was not engaged to another. I was engaged with myself. 

Light brings clarity. It also reveals shadows and those things we have pushed into the corners of our lives, and I was no longer afraid to explore them.

We always have before us a bowl filled with candy hearts.  Some will say BE MINE! or TRUE LOVE or YOU SHINE. Most however are not yet stamped with a word or phrase. It is for each of us to choose what words we want to carry on our hearts.

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