The Unresolved New Year

Exercise more, eat healthier, and stay within a budget are all fine and familiar New Year’s resolutions.

Seemingly more ambitious resolutions include finding the perfect job, the perfect house, or the perfect vacation, though I have to say that for me, exercising, eating healthy and staying within my budget are quite ambitious enough!

I have not set any New Year’s resolutions for many years, though I do like the idea of choosing a word or two and resolving to let them guide me during the year. They are words like, “Allow,” “Compassion,” “Adventure.”

I’m more drawn to the parts of our lives that are unresolved and may remain that way for some time. They may be things for which we don’t have answers or can’t yet see those answers, or they may be things that are simply not ready to resolve. They may fill us with uncertainty, confusion or sadness and often cause us to reevaluate all we thought was true.

It is important that we honor what cannot be resolved, for these issues or situations teach us patience, and the uncertainty we may feel gives us an opportunity to deepen our faith. By gently exploring these pieces of our lives we may find unexpected wonders and miracles.

Let one of your New Year’s resolutions be to respect, and to be comfortable with, what is unresolved in your life and be open to finding the wisdom and the guidance that is waiting for you in those places.

**Photo by John Christian Fjellestad on Unsplash

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