The Puzzle Piece

It was a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle. and not too overwhelming. I was working on it with my daughter and grandson when I picked up a piece that had a little blue and brown stripe on one edge. I was certain I knew exactly where it went. Not only were the colors right, but it was the right shape, too.

Boy, was I good…it doesn’t take much for me to impress myself!

I placed it in what I thought was the correct spot, and it didn’t fit.  

“What?!” I mumbled, “That can’t be possible. Maybe I didn’t place it just right.”

So I tried again – more than once – and NO!  No matter how I positioned it, the piece  still didn’t fit.

Could life be like a jigsaw puzzle? Has someone already said that?  

Sometimes you‘re so certain things are supposed to fit, and you try so hard to make that true, but no matter what you do, you finally come to the realization it’s not going to happen, and if you force it, things will never be quite right.

In jigsaw puzzles and in life:

It’s good to be open to possibilities, because sometimes the place a piece does fit is somewhere you never expected.

It’s good to be patient, because sometimes you don’t figure out where a piece fits until the puzzle is almost complete.

It’s good to be understanding, knowing that forcing something to fit where it is not meant to be, does not work.

That doesn’t mean not to try new things.  

Trying new things is wonderful!! Simply trust the fit.

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