The Artist in You

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Monday night I was invited to an event that showcased eight artists, each sharing not only the work they created, but why they created it. I was truly inspired and only teared up twice!

Though each person’s story was unique, they all explained that their art grew from their life experiences and family histories. They wanted their art to have value and connect people to their own hearts and to each other. They wanted their art to make people wonder and question and explore what it means to be human.

Even though you and I may not paint, dance, sing or write plays, we are still artists. We are the artists of our own lives. We do our best to learn from our personal experiences and our family history and create a life that has value. It is an art to be connected to our heart and to others. It is an art to wonder, to question and to explore what it means to be human.

One young woman explained that the way she begins every project is similar to how Indiana Jones crosses a deep chasm towards the end of the movie, The Last Crusade. He is standing on a ledge high above a miles-deep chasm and needs to reach the other side of this divide. But there’s no bridge. Crossing seems impossible until he steps out in faith and when he does, the bridge appears.

As the artists of our own lives, we will often be challenged to step forward in faith, trusting there is a path that will support us and lead us to what we are searching for. Sometimes the path is very clear. Sometimes we only sense it is there. It offers support when we stumble, reassurance when we doubt and comfort when we feel lost, guiding us always on our unique and beautiful journey in this world.

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