Rediscovering Meaning During the Holidays

When we think of holidays, it is often vibrant visions of Christmas that appear: mouthwatering meals, laughter, singing, and family gathered around a Christmas tree lovingly decorated with ornaments twinkling with special memories.

I have to confess that being Jewish, our family Christmas eve tradition was going to a movie and then out for Chinese food, so clearly my deep emotional connection is not to Christmas.

For me the rich traditions of Passover are most intricately woven into my heart, including the mouthwatering meals, laughter, singing, and a Passover table lovingly set with my grandmother’s dishes, gleaming with special memories.

Whatever the holiday, divorce can make you feel as if a wrecking ball has demolished a landmark building you thought would withstand the test of time and leaves you with one more thing to grieve. When the dust settles, you have the opportunity to rebuild this space, but trying to recreate what once had been, feels forced and false.

How do you find what feels true and honest? How do you find a way to honor the past and still move forward?

The process begins with reevaluating what the holiday means to you on a spiritual level. As you grow and change, the message of the holiday will develop and deepen, and you always have the opportunity to reflect and reevaluate its significance.

Questions for Reflection
What about this holiday resonates with me?
What insights does it ask me to search out?
What gifts does it offer?
What message does it bring into my life?
Discussing these questions with my children, what have I learned from their answers?

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