Rediscover Your Self

Written by Barb Greenberg, excerpt from Rediscovering the Holidays

Do you judge yourself by what you accomplish, by your job, your possessions, or your marital status? That doesn’t work very well, does it?

Do you buy a great pair of shoes, because they make you feel fabulous? (I’m all for that!). But do you wonder what happens when you eventually have to take them off?

Self-esteem is not what you do or what you wear. Self-esteem starts with SELF. Your value, your feelings of self-worth and fabulousness, are inside jobs.  You need to look inside yourself to find these things. Even dissolving the feelings of loneliness is an inside job. You already know this, but aren’t you sometimes just so frigging tired of personal growth!

So, once again, keep it simple. Journal, walk, work with a therapist, talk with trusted friends, be in nature, be still, meditate, find healing places. Most of all, be compassionate with yourself.

Rediscovering Meaning, Traditions, Family, Gratitude and Calm is not just for the holidays, but for every day you choose to enrich your life.

Divorce has thrust you onto a road that will lead you back to yourself. Let everything you rediscover guide and support you on the journey into your heart where healing is waiting. Print out the Rediscover Self Questions for Reflection.

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