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Written by Kimbra Ness, Keller Williams Premier Realty

Not totally ready to put your home on the market… below are just a couple of helpful hints.

Question: Will the housing market still be good in a few months or even next spring? I am just not ready to sell yet.


Answer: Believe me, if I had the answer I would tell you. There are no guarantees. Interest is slowing rising, but still low. However, it takes at least 4-6 weeks for someone buying to get mortgage approval and title companies to do their work before closing. What that means is families looking to buy and get settled before school starts is closing in fast, if not past. Therefore, your chances of selling always go down a little in the fall and winter. That doesn’t mean selling season is over – just a little slower.

Question: I am not able to sell now but can in the next few months or in the spring. What can I do now to help prep my home?

Answer: TAKE PICTURES of your home with everything in bloom! It blows spring buyers away to see a yard with flowers and green grass. Take from all angels and times of the day, remember to take fall pictures too. Next is curb appeal. It takes only 3 seconds for a buyer to form an instant opinion of your home and up to 45 minutes for them to change their mind, no matter how beautiful the inside is decorated. My advice now is to paint the entrance, replace the door handle if really worn, spruce up the flowerbeds, remove and/or replace dead plants. Remember there is still a lot of growing season ahead. If you are able, purchase some planters and plants… all are on clearance now. They look great now for pictures and you get to take them with you.

Next, if you haven’t already, get your AC checked by a professional and have them post the date in the utility room. It shows the buyers that you are a responsible homeowner and that the AC was in good working order the last time you had used it… the same goes for the furnace in the fall. Have it checked by a professional and post the date in the utility room. When shutting down the AC a professional told me NOT to put a full cover over the unit – it attracts mice and they eat things like wires!

Have more questions? Connect with me for more helpful ideas and no pressure to list.

Kimbra Ness, Real Estate Agent
Keller Williams Premier Realty,
Lake Minnetonka and surrounding areas

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