The Power of a Single Thought

The following is a guest post by Louise Griffith of One Shining Light.

When divorce—like any other traumatic experience—enters your life, it can feel like your control is ripped out of your hands. You may feel helpless, victimized or completely exhausted. You may spend all your energy thinking and obsessing over your situation as your emotions wildly fluctuate between anger and depression. You might wonder “Will I ever feel like myself again?”

Although there are certain aspects of your situation that fall beyond your control (you can’t change the past!), you are still in charge of your journey. Even on your darkest days, you have the power to rise up, reignite your inner light and work toward positive results.

It starts with a single thought.

Tell yourself, “I have control.” Repeat it to yourself and truly mean it.

When you take control of your inner dialogue, you take control of your life. Positive thoughts lead to healthy beliefs and these beliefs drive changes in attitude and emotion. When your attitude and emotions start to improve, you tend to make better choices and take healthy, life-affirming actions. Eventually, you’ll start to find that continuous, positive actions will lead to results.

It all begins with thought. The things you tell yourself every day can help you overcome blame, seek support and give you renewed energy and purpose. Changing your thought patterns is not an easy task, but it is within your control. Start by tuning in and being conscious of what you are thinking. From this place of awareness, start talking back to your negative thoughts! Remind yourself why you are worth it.

Don’t be afraid to involve others in your healing journey. Confide in trusted friends and family members, consult a therapist or coach, or find networks of women undergoing the same struggles. Seeking the support of others is a positive coping behavior that can help boost your energy and improve your thinking patterns.

On the road to healing, you have the power. Your actions can propel you ahead or keep you frozen in place. Every step forward is driven by the power of thought. How will you change your thinking today?

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