​Perfect is quite a word. Depending on the tone in your voice it can mean different things. When a favorable answer to a question is given, a happy tone of “perfect” works. When something not so great happens, an angry tone of “perfect” may fit the situation. A satisfied tone of “perfect” could be in order when you finish a project that went really well.

In our day to day lives however, a tone of a frustrated “perfect” comes from a voice in our head. It says we have to be perfect in everything we do, say, feel, etc. Which causes us to second guess ourselves and/or beat ourselves up over every mishap and keeps the voice of reason from being heard.

Newsflash: We are not perfect! But we do come close to being “perfect” more than often than not. We just have to strike the proper tone with ourselves on a daily basis. Keep the happy and satisfied tones and dismiss the angry and frustration tones. If we don’t do this for ourselves, who will?

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