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First there was the long, bitter winter. Then, there was the promise of spring that turned into one more nasty blizzard. Finally, a spring day came when I could open the windows of my home to let in fresh air and it smelled wonderful.

Open windows may let in dust and pollen, but they also let in the rich smell of blooming lilacs. Open windows may let in traffic noise from a nearby highway, but they also let in the music of birds singing.

After a divorce, it can take tremendous effort and courage to “open up.”  We have weathered so many storms, and often when we thought things were over there was one more painful blizzard howling through our lives (and sometimes there may be more than one).

In choosing to open up our hearts, we can celebrate the experiences that make us bloom and hear the music of our lives.

On Sunday, I was catching up with work in my home office. Laughter was coming through the open window and I looked out to see that my neighbor across the street was sitting in her yard potting plants. Two other women were keeping her company and, I’m assuming, sharing potting words of wisdom. There was another burst of laughter from the group and I knew what I had to do. I immediately closed my computer and walked across the street!

The women told me that because they saw my window was open, that if I hadn’t come outside they going to shout out, “Come join us!”

When you open up the windows of your home, you will be surprised at the wonderful opportunities that appear. And when you open up your heart, you will be able to hear the beauty and joy of life shouting, “Join us!”

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