One Good Thing About Today

“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.”

                                                Maya Angelou

I know there are days during divorce that are not so wonderful, days when you want cry or scream or throw something. I know there are days that almost paralyze you with fear when you wake up and know you have to face them, and days when people talk about gratitude and you want to smack them!

You are definitely not alone.

You are also not alone when you are doing your best to search for, and to find, even one good thing during a those difficult days. One good thing could be as simple as hearing a bird sing, finding the perfect parking spot, or getting an encouraging hug from a friend. It could be looking up at the sky or looking down into a flower.

These things may be hard to notice when you are overwhelmed by the not-so-good things or are simply exhausted. Yet, when you find that one good thing, it has the power to lift the heaviness you are carrying, make you smile, and help you notice other good things that surround you.

By finding one good thing a day, you shift your focus to what is possible and may even change how your day will unfold.

It is said that in dark times, you become more aware of the light. When you find one good thing a day, you are creating space for that light to come into your life, a light that can help you find your way. It will also shine on the good thing in your life that you sometimes forget to notice or have trouble believing in. That good thing is YOU!

You may begin to wake up in the mornings imagining all the good things you will find and saying to yourself,  “This is, indeed, a wonderful day,”


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