Mothering or Empowering

My 47 year old daughter had come into town and was staying with me for a few wonderful days, though she was not always happy with my mothering.  “Do you need some water?” “Can I help you with that pillow?” “Do you want to take a break. You seem so tired?”

Her response was, “Mommmmm,” and it was accompanied by that classic look that daughters give to mothers and has been passed down and refined over generations.

I had not forgotten that she had become a strong, powerful woman. I just didn’t know how to talk to her as if she was.  Was it possible I had never learned how? I certainly didn’t know how to talk to myself, let alone admit that I, too, am a powerful woman.  Did I just describe myself as powerful? Yep!  How uncomfortable!

By not acknowledging our power or by backing away from it as if it was something to be avoided at all costs, we undercut and chip away at the progress we have made to build the strength we have.

Every woman has a power within her. When we can become comfortable with this power, our authentic self shines and gives other women permission to shine as well.

Powerful women can slay dragons and ask for help. They are compassionate and curious. They trust and respect themselves. They don’t always know when to charge forward and when to be still, but they do their best.

And whether mothering or empowering, the most treasured words to say to our daughters and to ourselves are still, “I love you.”


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