Looking For Trust?

“What you are looking for is already inside you. You can’t buy it, lease it, rent it, date it, or apply for it.”

            Anne Lamott

Even though I have come to accept this quote to be true, when I first read it, I thought, “Well, this certainly puts a crimp in my plans!”

The ability to trust is one of those treasures that is already inside you.

You may be rolling your eyes and mumbling, “What? You think I can find trust inside myself? I don’t believe you! I’ve already looked and didn’t see it anywhere. Could I just borrow some?”

Nope! You can’t borrow it, but if you continue to search, I believe you will find it deep within your heart, exhausted from trying to speak up when so many voices have been determined to silence it.

If you are in the midst of divorce, is it hard to trust that you are making wise decisions and will one day, even find joy again?

If you are thinking of dating after your divorce, is it hard to trust that you will not miss the warning signs and have to relive the pain of getting involved with someone just like you ex?

When you look to the future is it hard to trust that you will find your way to a wonderful new life?

It makes sense that you may be feeling anxious about these issues, especially since trust comes with no guarantee that things will work out the way you expect, but as you know, neither does life. And guess what? You can handle whatever comes your way.

You have already handled some really tough situations. You have made the best legal, financial, and personal decisions possible, often while under extreme stress. You may have made some mistakes…well, who hasn’t…yet, still you are making your way forward.

Trust that your heart is brave and strong. Trust that what you are looking for is already inside you. Trust…you can handle this.





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