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10 Ways to Rediscover Your Self Book Cover

10 Steps to Rediscover Your SELF

With these 10 steps women who are approaching, experiencing or moving forward from divorce will find hope, healing insights and reassurance that they can indeed rediscover themselves.

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Rediscover Gratitude

Author: Barb Greenberg
It’s important to recognize gratitude during divorce. Barb shares how to rediscover it along the way.

Depression and Divorce

Author: Barb Greenberg
The divorce process can make you feel like you are falling apart at the seams and even fall into depression. Please know you don’t have to go it alone.


Author: Barb Greenberg
Don’t be afraid of your anger instead turn it into an energizing part of your journey.


Self-Compassion Video

Author: Yvette Erasmus
Begin the healing journey to self compassion

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The Seasons of Divorce

Her book offers insights, comfort and encouragement for women in transition of divorce.  If you or anyone you know could benefit from Barb’s book, you can order pre-sales copies.

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Hope Grew Round Me

Hope Grew Round Me

This memoir of how a daughter’s life-threatening accident planted the seeds of a mother’s self-discovery has much to teach others, including how to find the courage to burst through self-imposed boundaries and step into a new future.

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After the Ball

After the Ball

Whether you find yourself without a prince, without hope, or without direction, this fairytale about what really happened to Cinderella and Snow White can inspire you, for it reveals a universal truth about the power of women transform their lives.

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