The Seasons of Divorce

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Author: Barb Greenberg, Founder/CEO – Rediscovering U


“This book serves as a comfort and encouragement guide for any woman going through the painful throes of divorce and self-liberation.    I laughed, I was moved, I felt inspired.  Buy a copy for yourself, and for all the women you know who could use companionship as they bravely forge their ways into a new life. ”  – Yvette Erasmus Psy.D.LP

“the kind of advice and wisdom you’d get from a best friend”
“encouraging, comforting, thought provoking and entertaining”

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Barb Greenberg


Wherever you are in your divorce process, this book offers  insights, healing, compassion, and hope.

Additional Reviews:

“As you navigate this sometimes challenging, oftentimes lonely journey, let this book be your compassionate companion.” – Lisa Bobyak Founder of Living Fully Balanced, and Life Balance and Leadership Coach

“Barb Greenberg’s captures the REAL complexity and resilience of living through divorce.  She invites each of us to examine our experiences of transition and create a life we love.  SO powerful.” – Michele Rae RPh, MA, NBC-HWC , founder of The Center Within, author of Living from the Center Within, spiritual teacher, organizational development consultant and University professor

“…a brilliant job of integrating education with heartfelt emotions…authentically from the heart and filled with hope. Wherever you are in your journey, you will feel validated and honored.” – Louise Griffith, MA founder of One Shining Light, author of You are Worth It.


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