In-dependence and Divorce

With the 4th of July coming fast, it felt appropriate to write about independence, and how as you move into your new life, you can be a strong, independent woman. I imagined Wonder Woman standing with her hands on her hips staring out at the world with confidence and strength and of course, looking great. Then my mind screamed, “Stop!”

I know a lot of amazing, strong women, and none of them look like that. And I would be very nervous if they did!

I realized it’s not being independent that makes them so strong. It is being dependent that gives them strength. They are dependent on great friends and mentors who support. guide and encourage them. They are dependent on their connection to something larger than themselves, a Higher Power…by whatever name they choose to call it… that source of love and compassion and healing. They are dependent on laughter and tears and hope for the future, even in the darkest of times.

One of our guest speakers talked about, of all things, the root system of the giant Redwood trees. She shared that the roots of these majestic trees do not go very deep into the earth. Instead, they intertwine with each other. And being interconnected, they are able to grow strong and powerful and beautiful.

We may worry about being dependent, because sometimes what people depend on can be unhealthy, dangerous, or smacks of addiction of some sort. But when we choose wisely to depend on things that bring light into our lives, the possibilities for our future are unlimited.

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