How to Feel Happiness Again After Divorce

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“My mom is 30!  Does anyone want to marry her?” yelled my eight year old son Josh as we sat on the sun soaked beach.  Imagine my sense of shock and embarrassment as several people stared in our direction.  Josh was trying to fill the  vacated husband and father role that we all desperately wanted filled.

Just like Josh, I was trying to fill my own void and my intention was to remarry 2 years after my divorce.  I acknowledged to myself that I had some personal changes to make; after all I was only 23 with three children under the age of 5 when I did get divorced.  Surely all the problems in my life weren’t out there.  Fortunately, my journey between marriages lasted 17 years.  Because I wanted to have a healthy and happy relationship, I knew that meant I had to be happy and healthy first in order for it to work.  That is the most essential thing.

Discover What Makes You Happy

My simple advice to you is that you take time for yourself and discover what truly makes you happy.  M. Scott Peck author of The Road Less Traveled says, “If you expect another person to make you happy, you’ll be endlessly disappointed.”  That is so true.  I believe this is the most important lesson all women, married or not, need to learn.  We have the ability to be happy and we can learn how to tap our own personal power and exercise our own happiness.

When you find happiness from within your own self, your outside relationships can be placed in their proper perspective.  By embracing your life lessons, you can experience happiness in your own life.

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