Easy? No! Shocking? Yes!

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I am divorced.
It was my choice:
I got single and want to remain single.
I am desperate to meet someone today, now, this second.

I am divorced.
It was not my choice:
He did blah, blah, blah.
I am over the blah, blah blah part.
I still need to blah, blah, blah.

I am in PAIN and need soothing and loving prayers.
I think he will return.
I fear he will return.
I am single until my knight appears.
I am single forever!
I want to be a nun.
I want to be a Rabbi!

I’m developing odd habits.
Dining on the fly, I hold the bowl under my chin so I won’t need a napkin.
I make a meal on Monday so big that I can reheat it until Friday and then go out with a friend.
I often speak to myself, asking, “How are you?”
I stay in the shower just because the hot water is comforting.
I burp without concern.
I watch whatever TV shows I want.

The process of divorce sends concern, fear, relief, and eventually the excitement to resurrect the woman you were born to be. There are losses and pain, yet the mystery of what you are begins to unfold.

You find ways to make a new life for yourself. Easy? No! Shocking? Yes! It takes a woman with guts and prayers to show up. Then hope and dreams awaken, and you are able to share your miracles.

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