Be the Hotdish

My daughters both live out of town, and I hear from one or both of them every day. My neighbors check in on me and have jokingly considered having a block party where we each stand in our own driveway and shout back and forth to each other. A friend told me if I was running low on toilet paper she would drive by and toss a roll out of her car window. 

Humor eases our fears and uncertainties when we have watched too much of the news or hear that someone we know has gotten laid off or needs to self-quarantine or has tested positive.

Though we may be practicing social distancing, there is no distance in our emotional connections to each other.

In staying connected emotionally we blend ingredients of love, strength and laughter.  We season our relationships with compassion and faith. Just like a Minnesota hot-dish, it’s recipe we can easily follow and can generously serve to all who are hungry for comfort and want to be nourished with peace. 

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