Are You Willing to be Worth it?

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Louise Griffith MA, LP

It is common to feel like a failure and not worthy when one is going through a divorce, whether or not it is or was your choice. In the end, however, only you can decide the answer to this question. It is important that you honor your wisdom within. Think of the times that you have honored that gentle knowing. What has been the outcome when you paid attention as well as when you ignored it?

Wisdom brings perspective that informs your choices. Wisdom can be accessed when you are in the now. Wisdom is the memory of the soul.

Fear can drown out the voice of wisdom. Fear of the unknown and foreseen as well as unforeseen consequences can keep you from honoring your truth. At the core of who you are, you know what is right for you. At times, you may need the help of a trained professional to journey with you to get to that place. Others may not understand. However, if you don’t honor your own soul, who will?

When you decide you are worth it, whatever your “it” may be at this time in your life, you make a choice and often take a leap of faith as reflected in this poem:


Many of you learned to surrender your power and detach from your inner wisdom early in life. You heard messages that may have been given by well-meaning adults that became rules for your life and may have also diminished you: “Be nice! Be quiet! Be good! Do what I tell you. Don’t get a big head. Be seen and not heard.” Notice the impact of these statements in your present life. What price have you paid? The good news is that you continue to be the author of your internal script in present time. You can take risks and pursue opportunities that may not have seemed available to you before. Many options open up for you be it expanding your world by meeting new friends, getting a new job or pursuing further education. Having more fun is another wonderful possibility!

Take action in the face of fear.

It’s time to honor the person you really are. It’s time to stop pretending that you are less of a person than you are. You are more than enough. You have the resources inside you to be all you want to be. You can take courageous risks, embracing challenges along the way.

Decide you are worth it! Begin living from this truth. Step into your life more fully, courageously and consciously. Be the shining light that you are! Your time is now.

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