A Most Powerful Resolution

Why do we feel we have wait until January first to make a resolution?

Every day holds the possibilities of a new year. Sometimes new beginnings are bright and feel like sunlight beaming on our faces. Sometimes they are dark, frightening and even heart-breaking.

At each new beginning we have the opportunity to chose what is in our highest good. Do we need to exercise or be still? Can we say “no” when necessary? Are we able to stop being busy, just for the sake of being busy?

I was at the North shore recently, and when I first arrived in Two Harbors I thought I would never get tired of looking at Lake Superior.  It was beautiful, powerful, magical. As the days went by I sensed that if I lived there year round dealing with work deadlines, groceries, laundry, bills, and the daily stuff of life, the ever-present lake would become such a familiar part of the scenery, it might be easy to take for granted.

How much of our life do we take for granted simply because it’s familiar?

When we look in the mirror every day we check our hair, possibly our makeup, and once in a while make sure there is no spinach in our teeth.  But how often do we ever stop and look into our eyes, smile and blow ourselves a kiss?

YOU are the most valuable scenery of your life. You are your own Lake Superior, and the most powerful resolution you can make is not to take yourself for granted.

Like the lake, whether the sunlight is sparkling off the water, or the clouds are low and dark, it is still there, and so are you..…filled with your own beauty, power, and magic.

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