50 Fun Things as a Tool Post-Divorce

Fun doesn’t have to mean “Wahoo!”-screaming-on-a-rollercoaster-fun. Fun can be your favorite cup of tea greeting you in the morning. Fun can be the simple things you look forward to each day.” – Sharole T Hawkens, 50 Fun Things alumna and divorce thriver

Divorce comes with painful and negative connotations and often the positive side of divorce is overlooked. As I’ve adjusted from my own divorce and observed how others have successfully managed life post-divorce, there are several tools and “life-hacks” that helped. Transformation can come in all kinds of easy and affordable ways. I’ve observed several participants who have used the 50 Fun Things tools to re-imagine and reclaim their lives post-divorce. I’ve collated tools I’ve personally used and that others have shared into a list of 50 Fun Things for a vibrant life post-divorce.

When I first met Sharole (quoted above) at a 50 Fun Things workshop, she shared she was recently divorced after a 32 year marriage to her childhood sweetheart. It was her first time being single as an adult and she seemed a bit shell-shocked. She attended as a way to step more into the world and to discover and be more of herself. Fast forward a few months later when she participated in the workshop again. This time, she almost seemed to be a different person. She emanated joy, assuredness and inspired all of us in the ways she was moving forward. If you missed it, you can read Sharole’s article here.

In a delightful call with Sharole, I found that we both appreciated how focusing on 50 Fun Things is mostly about appreciating the simple joys and experiences that provide hope and fulfillment. In fact, one of my biggest lessons has been that it is often the simplest of joys that sustain and give hope.

To view the list 50 Fun Things for a vibrant life post-divorce, please click here.

Which step will you take next to live the life you want and on your terms?


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