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Welcome to our Rediscovering U Class Previews. If you are a member of Rediscovering U, you may click on the (View Complete Class) link if available, to watch a class. Complete classes are available online exclusively to Rediscovering U members.  Join TodayVideos are for general information and may or may not apply to your personal situation. 

What’s My Body Got To Do With It?

Presented by Roxann Keyes (View Complete Class)
(Tags: Roxann Keyes, Health and Wellness, Body/Mind Connection)

Yikes! Now What? Divorce Choices

Presented by Jennifer Beckman (View Complete Class)
(Tags: Family Law, Divorce Lawyers, Divorce Options, Jennifer Beckman)

Financial Confidence While Moving Through Divorce

Presented by Michelle Monson Klisanich (View Complete Class)
(Tags: Michelle Monson Klisanich, Thrivent Financial, Finances, Divorce and Finances,Financial Confidence)

Get Inspired

Presented by Dr. Barbro Brost (View Complete Class)
(Tags: Dr. Barbro Brost, Brost Clinic, Chiropractor, Health and Wellness)

Self Compassion

Presented by Dr. Yvette Erasmus (View Complete Class)
(Tags: Self Compassion, Self Help, Dr. Yvette Erasmus)

Videos by Barb Greenberg

  • Change Class
  • Ready or Not Your Emotions Are Coming: 1 & 2 Class
  • Inspirational Videos (9 videos)

Presented by Barb Greenberg (View Complete Video Selection)
(Tags: Barb Greenberg, Divorce, Life Changes, Dealing with Change)


Presented by Theresa Nutt (View Complete Class)
(Tags: Closeted Creatives, Inspiration, Spiritual,Theresa Nutt, Creative Coaching)

Success is a Conscious Choice

Presented by Louise Griffith (View Complete Class)
(Tags: Louise Griffith, You Are Worth It, Self Compassion, Self Help)

Uncommon Sense About Change, Loss and Grief

Presented by Brenda J. DeMotte (View Complete Class)
(Tags: Brenda J. DeMotte, Change, Loss, Grief, Recovery, Mental Health)