What Women are Saying About Rediscovering U
I believe Barb Greenberg saved my life. I hope many more women who are in a place of loss and suffering will find their way to her and Rediscovering U. Ursala G.

It helped to know I’m not alone in this. It was nice to hear that there is life after divorce. It gave me courage. Donna K.

Another amazing class tonight! When we walked into the room it feels like we are walking into your living room and the fireplace is going. So warm and welcoming. Thank you! Barb H.

This was a sensational night! I truly enjoyed meeting all of you and appreciated the shared stories and the many great ideas for starting the self-discovery process. Jordan S.

It helped me to know I’m not alone in this. It was nice to hear there is life after divorce. It gave me
courage Sylvia L.

As I go through this season of such great fear and loss, I am holding on to the lifeline of hope you have provided. Cathy F.

What you are doing gives a new field for so many to start growing in a new land. Janie J.

I’m glad I found you and this group. It was definitely a turning point in my recovery. Asma B.

A blessed gathering. I feel this is the right group support for me. I felt truly welcomed Angela G.

Extremely informative…relaxed setting. Lauren S.

Your work means so much to me. Women have a better shot at life due to you. Samantha M.

This was fabulous! I’m glad I came to listen and learn and to meet new people. Cherie H.

I’m better off having come tonight. Thank you for such a great night. Janice K.

So glad I came! Jane N.

All the women I met were so kind and genuine. Cathryn A.

A very special and supportive place. Carla S.

This was great and the speaker was excellent. Very insightful and such a good message of empowerment and hope. Nora S.

You helped me open my eyes to so many new insights. The entire presentation was terrific. Anita C.

You showed me I can be someone with confidence, and how important it is to get to know yourself. Robin B.

Talking to people who are in my situation was helpful…pointers on moving forward were great, because that is what I’m doing now. Noellea L.

Awesome support all the way around. Bonnie L.

Thanks for all you do. ­It is making a huge difference for me in my new journey. ­ Tracy R.

Very inspiring. Sandra J.

I am bubbling over with sincere gratitude…you have improved the view for all of us women who, otherwise, would have been stuck in darkness. Maya E.

I feel hope about the future when I come away from Rediscovering U classes Debra B.

Great!! Positive and inspiring! Jayne Y.

This was incredible…thank you! Karen N.

Great to be with so many women open for growth and change. Laurie G.