Discover Your Best Strategies for Navigating Life

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March 9, 2021


Learn to use your Values to navigate life’s basic emotions. Values show the best path for directing your life, face Fear, resolve Anger, process Sadness, and revel in Joy. If you are facing a difficult decision or reeling from one, your Key Takeaway will be a set of strategies to use immediately. Come discover how to navigate difficult circumstances and live happier with confidence.

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Cheryl Hiltibran

About our presenter:  Cheryl Hiltibran, MEd., educator, and life coach. Cheryl’s inspiration for her book, Discover You Inner Terrain Map: Strategies to Navigate Life’s Challenges and Experience More Joy came from a solo canoe trip in she had to face her own Fear, Anger, and Sadness to fine ultimate Joy. Cheryl’s clients get unstuck and go on to live meaningful happier lives.

7:00pm – 9:00 pm  Tuesday class

Chapter Area: Minnetonka ~ Chapter Leader: Barb Greenberg

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