Are You Letting Toxins Drag You Down?

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April 27, 2021


If you often find yourself too tired to keep up with life or seek greater clarity in making decisions, the best way to get your zip back and think more clearly is to learn from someone who knows what it takes to overcome brain fog and fatigue. Things don’t have to get worse! Instead you can improve with age and enjoy life more fully.


Anita Bastian

Anita is a Brain Health and Detox Specialist who specializes in helping women look better, feel better, and perform better. She has extensive training and experience with overcoming fatigue and brain fog. She loves to share the insights she has gained through her 20-year ongoing journey to greater wellness.

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Time: 7:00PM – 9:00 PM Tuesday class

Chapter Area: Minnetonka ~ Chapter Leader: Barb Greenberg


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