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Educating Women on Divorce

Rediscovering U is the first university styled program for women approaching, experiencing, and moving forward from divorce.

Barb Greenberg Founder, Rediscovering U

Barb Greenberg
Founder, Rediscovering U

Wherever women find themselves in the divorce process, Rediscovering U offers the opportunity to attend local classes, while also providing online education, resources, and support. Empowering local classes allow women to meet face to face, share their stories, as well as share laughter and sometimes a few tears, and learn from top experts in the area, all in a safe, informal atmosphere. And our enriching and ever expanding online resources and community forum offer information and insights, and are a powerful reminder to each woman that she is not alone. Whether in person on online, Rediscovering U offers education and support on your journey, techniques for walking patiently through difficult times, and help in reconnecting with what once inspired you, so you can find a new vision for your future, move forward with confidence.

About Barb

RU was founded by Barb Greenberg, a divorce transition expert who excels in educating, empowering, and inspiring women to move through divorce and into a new life. After reeling from her own divorce, Barb created a compassionate approach to provide education and guidance to help women thrive. She is living proof that there is hope in the most difficult of situations, and there is always an opportunity to reclaim your life. Barb’s books include Hope Grew Round Me and After the Ball: A Woman’s Tale of Reclaiming Happily Ever After (found exclusively at our Rediscovering U Store) She is a sought after speaker on hope, change, and finding the sweetness in difficult life transitions. Rediscovering U also offers Sponsorship opportunities for interested businesses that can provide resources and support for the extraordinary women we serve.

Speaker Sheet

Hope is an essential ingredient to our lives, and Barb shows others the road to find it when it is lost.

You have shared compassion, tenacity and courage. You’ve improved the view for all of us women who, otherwise, have been stuck in darkness.